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About Zero City Mod Apk

Zero CIty: Last Zombie Shelter is a action-survival game where you have to kill zombies, build & upgrade shelter and do lot of other stuffs. Zero city mod apk is the modded version, the premium features are unlocked for free.

What is Zero City?

Step into a post-apocalyptic world in Zero City, the ultimate mobile survival simulator. As the commander of the last zombie bunker and shelter, your mission is to control your citizens, lead them, and fight for survival. The fate of humanity rests in your hands as you navigate through the challenges of a world overrun by zombies. Can you build an impregnable shelter, train your survivors, and ensure their survival in the face of the apocalypse?

Manage Your Shelter and Bunker

In Zero City, you take on the role of a shelter manager. Your primary objective is to construct and upgrade rooms within your bunker to create a safe and fortified shelter. Prepare for the impending zombie defense by building a range of defensive structures. Strategically decide on the best defense combination to protect your citizens and secure their survival.

Citizen Development and Skills Training

In these perilous times, every survivor is crucial to the survival of your shelter. Train your citizens, develop their skills, and assign them various duties. Each member of your bunker plays a vital role, and their abilities can make a difference in the fight against the zombie hordes. Prepare your warriors to be alert and ready, as they will be facing continuous zombie attacks.

Choice of Weapons and Equipment

Arm your squad with effective weapons and equip them with gear to enhance their chances of survival. Scavenge for useful items and supplies in abandoned shelters, as these will be valuable in the battles against zombies and their ruthless master.

Multiplayer PVP and Arena Tournaments

Survivors are not the only ones left in this world, and only the strongest will survive the apocalypse. Compete against other shelters and form a powerful squad to dominate in arena tournaments and open survival confrontations. Prove your strength and leadership as you fight for supremacy in the post-apocalyptic world.

Story-Driven Campaign and RPG Elements

Embark on a thrilling story-driven campaign where your squad faces countless battles against hordes of zombies and mutant fanatics. Lead your brave fighters through all the trials of this new world and utilize the arsenal at your disposal to ensure their survival.

A Unique Blend of Genres

Zero City offers a unique blend of shelter survival simulation and zombie shooter genres. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic environment filled with danger, and experience high-quality HD graphics that bring the world to life. As the master of one of the last shelters, the fate of humanity lies in your hands.


The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and only the strongest and most strategic can survive. In Zero City, you have the chance to control your destiny and lead the last shelter to survival. Build an impregnable bunker, train your citizens, equip your warriors, and face hordes of zombies in thrilling battles. The post-apocalyptic world awaits your leadership and determination. Will you emerge victorious and become the ultimate master of the last shelter in the world? The fate of humanity rests with you in Zero City.

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